Policy Statement

JOBEK EDUCATION CENTER welcomes pupils of all faiths, cultures, races ability and family backgrounds.

Admission is based on: a satisfactory report from the prospective pupil’s previous school from Year 1 upwards.

The completion of a signed declaration by all parents of the prospective pupil, which informs the school of all known special educational needs of the prospective pupil concerned

Completion of the entrance procedure, as set out below, for each year group of entry

JOBEK EDUCATION CENTER reserves the right to refuse entry of new students into the school if they do not meet the entry requirements.

Admissions Procedure

Admission at JOBEK EDUCATION CENTER is subject to the availability of a place and the prospective pupil satisfying the academic admission requirements necessary for entry to the School.


Prospective pupils will be considered as candidates for admission and entry to the School when the Registration Form has been completed and returned to the School and the non-refundable registration fee has been paid. All prospective parents are offered an appointment to meet the Head of the School/ or Deputy..

An Admissions Register is kept by the School Secretary of all registrations received by the School for the current academic year and also future academic years.

Offer of a Place and Deposit

An offer of a place at the School will be made by way of a formal offer letter from the Head of the School to the prospective parents. Details of deposit money to be paid will be set out in this letter to reserve a place for the child.

Acceptance of a Place

A place is reserved for a prospective pupil when payment of deposit fee has been made by the parent into the School’s account.

Disability, Learning Difficulty/Disability, and Special Educational Needs:

The School has limited facilities for the disabled but will do all that is reasonable to accommodate the needs of applicants who have learning difficulties/disabilities, physical or mental impairment disabilities as defined in the school’s Special Education Needs Policy. The School needs to be aware of any known learning difficulty/disability, other disability or special educational need which may affect a child’s ability to take full advantage of the education provided at the School. Parents of a child who has any learning difficulty/disability, other disability or special educational needs should provide the School with full written details at registration, or subsequently before accepting the offer of a place. The School needs this information so that, in the case of any child with particular needs, the School can assess those needs and consult with parents about the adjustments which can reasonably be made. Similarly, if learning difficulties/disabilities, special educational needs or another disability become apparent after admission, the School will consult with parents about reasonable adjustments that may allow the child to continue at the School.