The centre has adopted the current system of education introduced by Ministry of Education under Competency Based curriculum. This curriculum offers holistic approach to learning with the pioneers being in Grade 4.(2020)

This curriculum runs concurrently with the 8-4-4 system which is being phased out gradually as we prepare our first 2021 candidates under the 8-4-4 system.

With the support of the centers’ staff, parents and the larger Chuna community under the guidance of Chairman Mr. Kimani, the centre remains committed to nurturing early learners as learning unlocks every potential.

Our Learners are managed by specialists, not generalists. We are keen to employ staff with formal qualifications in disciplines such as working with children, teaching, and education management.

Caring and Empathy: in the community, learning is fostered best when learners and teachers ideas are respected and where there is mutual trust. At JOBEK EEDUCATION CENTER, learning groups are small with caring staff looking after the progress and acting as an advocate of each child.

Diversity and Inclusion: This helps us at JOBEK EDUCATION CENTER to increase the richness of ideas. Our school is heterogeneous and hence the JOBEK community values each other’s history and culture.

Our focus is on improving education so that students are encouraged to use and apply their knowledge, rather than merely learn facts and figures by rote. We are concerned about the quality of education, wanting all children and adults to be afforded the opportunity to learn something useful and empowering.

Service and Compassion: students and teachers at JOBEK are drawn together by actions of consequential service to others and one of our goals is to prepare students with the attitude and skills to learn from and be of service to the community.